Sunday, March 3, 2013


Yay sex toys! What about ones that you try out with strangers...?

“I thought you said this product made it impossible to talk,” Benji cooed, straightening up and slapping his wet erect cock against the side of Jared’s face. “That’s what you advertised anyway.”
            Jared tried to speak, but the spider gag constricted all speech. When he had seen the impossibly good-looking Benji wearing a designer suit with his hands in his pocket like he already owned the expo, Jared had been eager to please him.
            He hadn’t expected Benji would ask him to wear the gag himself.
            “Let’s try again, shall we?” Benji invited. “Would you like that?”
            Of course, Jared couldn’t speak, but he quickly nodded. His head felt heavy, his mouth was being stretched far and his tongue was lapping at what he hoped would soon be Benji’s cock once again inside of his mouth.
            The head disappeared inside, his mouth stretched and unable to close around the shaft. He let out a moan.
            Benji laughed and thrust forward gently, winding his hands through Jared’s long hair. “I knew that you could still make noise for me.”

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