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All That Remains Available Now!

All That Remains (Neko 4) by Ana Raine

Collin has loved Adrian, the Demon Prince, for more than a decade. In the past he has been forced to conceal his love to protect the monarchy, knowing how much their affair endangers Adrian's standing with the Demon Council.
Collin and his friend Izumi have served their demon masters faithfully and without question. But when it becomes clear the army rebelling against the monarchy threatens to destroy not only demon society but the lives of their masters, the two Nekos become determined to find the enemy's weakness.
Collin gains more than he bargained for when he discovers the real reason Nekos are enslaved is the power they have over their demon masters. Now more than Adrian's reign as Prince of the Demons is threatened. If Collin cannot find a way to change the course of their history, Adrian's very life may be forfeit.

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R Excerpt:
To an outsider, this might have looked damaging to my health. After all, Prince Adrian, a demon, was twice my size. But this was anything but cruel; this was the way he showed me who I belonged to. And to say I didn't love every minute would have been a lie.
"Collin." His voice was like silk, passing through my skin and weaseling its way between my bones. "Are you comfortable?"
My arms were bound above my head and my body was naked beneath him. Even if I had been fully clothed, I would have been on fire because of his tall, lean figure standing at the foot of the bed. My tail swished excitedly against the covers and my ears twitched in anticipation.
"Yes, Adrian-sama."
Adrian circled the inside of my thigh with his finger, his purple eyes staring at my body with such longing, I wondered if it was really me who had fallen first. My body was tired, but from a different type of fatigue. He only took parts of my soul now, rather than feed from a nameless woman who wouldn't appreciate him.
But I could. Even before I'd met him, my life as a Neko had been stale. There were only two options for a Neko -- to become a pet to a demon and come to the human world, or go to an alternative island. I probably would have chosen to go to the island with my parents, but I met Adrian and from that moment on, my entire life belonged to him.
All he had to do was ask and I would give. Another way of life didn't even seem possible.
He fisted my cock, my length hardening in his hand. "Where are your thoughts, my sweet Neko?"
"With you," I replied, arching my back as the moan I'd been concealing worked its way out of my throat. How could something as simple as a hand job bring me to such a weakened state?
Adrian didn't break my gaze as he pumped up and down, running his finger over my slit and gathering the glistening pre-cum.
"I wonder if you would be able to maintain a thought if I were to take you into my mouth?"
Mewling, I struggled against the bonds holding me to our bed. "Only one way to find out," I challenged.
Before I could inhale, Adrian was between my legs and his mouth had encircled my cock. I cried out in pleasure and surprise as he expertly swirled his tongue around the tip before taking me further into his mouth. There was no denying he was amazing in bed, the only demon I could ever dream of being with.
"So good," I cried out as I felt my legs tighten and quiver. In that moment, I almost forgot my status as his pet to the rest of the demon society. I just wanted to scream and thrash against the bed until the blankets dared to slip to the floor. "I want to touch you, please."
His response was to slowly pull away until I slipped from his mouth with a wet pop. My body was alight, and the very thought he wouldn't finish with me was enough to make me convulse.
Adrian only ever removed his shirt when we were alone because he hated the scars that adorned his sides. Scars that he had never told me about, even though we'd been living in the human world together for almost a year.
"What is wrong?" Adrian followed my gaze and lowered his voice, as considerate as always. "Do my scars bother you? I can put my shirt back on..."
"No," I assured him. "I love your scars because they're a part of you. Beautiful."
He slowly let his face slip into an easy smile as he maneuvered between my legs on the bed until he had removed his pants and boxers.
If there were ever a competition between angels and demons, Adrian would win without even having to fill out a competition slip. He was the embodiment of my desires and his thick, long dick resting on my thigh was no exception.
"I want you," I whispered, "Please, Adrian."

Ana Raine

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