Saturday, February 23, 2013

FF A Wet Kitten

Flash Fiction Time!

What if you got left behind after your event got cancelled due to the rain?

Yuki was having a hard time believing this. He’d gone to al the trouble of brushing his sleek hair and even fluffing his dark cat ears and tail. He looked so cute, his current master assured him of that. And the picnic was cancelled, due to the rain that made Yuki run to the bathroom in order to get out of it.
            Master would leave; he didn’t like to wait.
            “Well, aren’t you a drowned little kitten?” a soft voice that Yuki realized belonged to Asami. He was a tall well-defined man with dark hair and pale skin; his hands looked so strong that Yuki shivered with delight and not the rain. Yuki had had a hard time not staring at him earlier.
            “Lost my ride,” Yuki said. The water dripped down his collarbone and soaked his light t-shirt. He saw that Asami had put his hands in his pocket and was staring. Asami licked his lips.
            “I have blankets in my car,” Asami offered, “but I can’t guarantee I’m going to use them to warm you up.”
            “What were you thinking?” Yuki suddenly felt like he was on fire. His tail swishing excitedly behind him and bouncing against his knees.
            “More like propping your knees up and taking you on your back…”

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Police Station Flash Fiction

Ever wondered what would happen if you were caught doing naughty things in public??? Maybe this...

            The end of a belt buckle clicked against the bars of the prison cell where Nate was touching himself, waiting.
            Mikhail withdrew his belt, smiling wickedly in his gleaming, crisp police uniform. “Don’t you think that it might be better for you to simply tell me you want me as opposed to doing all this to get my attention?”
            Nate blushed, “It’s not like-“
            “Fucking another guy in public…that’s not to get my attention?”
            Nate shuddered. It was true.
            “Even now, your hand around your dick is trembling. Your lips are so swollen from biting them raw. Don’t lie to me. We both know that you wanted me to punish you.”
            “Yes,” the sound was raw as it left Nate’s throat.
            Mikhail laughed roughly, parting the bars of the cage as he began to unzip his fly, “I hope you’ve had enough time to reflect why you’re here, my naughty Nate…”

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cold Against Hot Flash Fiction

This was last week's flash fiction.

I love water, don't you? But the kind where it's rolling waves, and white peaks while you sit in a bathing suit. Not so much snow. But anyway, here's some hot water :)

            Henry bobbed his head up from the hot tub’s water, the winter’s air sending shivers down his chest to his groin and then moving back up his spine. He licked the pre-cum from the insides of his mouth and then looked up at the man waiting for his attention.
            “I know you’re not done, boy.” Josh was inexplicably handsome, staring down at Henry and petting his hair as though he were nothing more than a kitten.
            The sounds of music could be played over the walls to the next hot tub room. Henry swallowed once, dipping farther down into the hot water to hide his erection.
            “Are you?” Josh asked, reaching forward to tug on one of Henry’s nipple rings. Leaning his head back, he attempted to howl, but immediately stifled it at the thought of the others hearing him. His throat ached.
            He was surprised that he was able to answer at all with all of the water he thought was in his lung. “No, sir, of course not.”
            “I didn't think so,” Josh said wickedly, pushing Henry’s head back down.
            Licking his lips and taking a deep breath, Henry dove back under the water to finish his delicious but watery task

Candy Shop Flash Fiction

Hey Everyone. So this is a flash fiction I wrote a few weeks ago. The idea was to write something where someone sweet comes into a store at closing time. :)

            Aaron couldn’t help but stare at the very distinguished looking man in the corner of the store, staring at their newest selections of artistic delectable treats.
            “Do you like that shade of blue, sir?” Aaron asked timidly, wondering why, all of his customers throughout the day, this young man made him feel weak.
            “Yes, it’s called Cerulean. It looks much more vibrant on the page…or model. How do they work?”
            “You simply paint on someone and as the color sinks into their skin, they becoming wanting.”
            The young man raised his eyebrow. “I thought they were edible?”
            Aaron shivered, “They are, they are. When the female or male wants you, then you can taste the paint on their skin.”
            “An aphrodisiac.” The man licked his lips and looked at the other colors. “What does this one taste like?”
            “Cotton candy.”
            “A bit sweet for my taste.”
            Aaron could believe that. “This red one is strawberry.” It was his favorite.
            “How do I know that it works?”
            “I haven’t taken my break yet today,” He offered hopefully.
            The man smiled, “What color do you like?”

Hello :)

So, I'm really new at this whole blogging thing, but it's the best way to meet people and to get myself out there. So...WOOT!

A few months ago, I got a novella accepted by Changeling Press and it is currently in the long process towards publication. Yay! I will keep updates, and posts about when it will be coming out as well as having excerpts soon.