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When Akai visits Grand Rapids for the holidays, he finds more than just his courage.

Akai has had a troubled past, growing up in and out of different foster homes. Despite being an adult, he cannot forget his best friend growing up. When Akai visits Grand Rapids in a last ditch effort to find his long lost friend, he is determined to finally sled without backing out. But when he meets Collins, there is more than just courage at stake.

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When Oliver receives his acceptance into Cordon De Bleu Culinary Arts School in Chicago, he doesn't think there is anything more he'd ever want. Then he meets Corvin, a rich, handsome young man with a mysterious past. Unable to stop chasing after Corvin, Oliver jumps into the world of the Paleo diet with the intention of winning Corvin's heart. With painful looking scars on his body and a raw possessive need to keep Oliver his, Corvin has secret Oliver will do anything to discover. But what if the truth is something almond flour cupcakes and coconut ice cream can't fix?


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