Monday, February 23, 2015

Guest Blog and Giveaway

Starting today, I will be on Sarah Mcneal's blog , talking a little about myself and also offering my newest release, Liberate, as a prize to a commenter. Thanks.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Liberate Now Available!

My newest release, Liberate, is now available through Changeling Press.

Liberate (Hidden Oaks 3) by Ana Raine


Carson and Tate have been running for months, trying to evade the JIA so they don't end up lab specimens for the ruthless organization. In a last ditch effort, Carson and Tate head to Alaska, where other Changelings are congregating in an attempt to find a way to control their thoughts and emotions when they shift to their animal forms.

The secret to maintaining their human consciousness may lie in Carson's blood, but Carson believes he no longer holds the key to his kind's freedom. With their future on the line, Carson realizes the most important part of his life will forever be his mate, Tate, but how can he trust a man who never tells him the whole truth?

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“Carson,” his voice was velvety smooth and sweet behind me. The motel we were currently in wasn’t all that bad, everything considered. At least the locks on the door worked and our room overlooked a pool that didn’t look completely gross.
            “You’re back,” I whispered, wrapping my arms around my naked chest. I’d always been slender and small, unlike my very attractive mate who beat me in stature and height. But our lack of eating had only made my frame smaller, if such a thing were possible.
            “I’m sor-“
            I held up a hand to stop him, afraid my legs would give out beneath my staggering body if I didn’t. “If you’re going to say you’re sorry, please don’t.”
            His ice blue eyes softened and he ran a hand through his shiny blond hair. My hair tickled my bare shoulders because of how long it was getting.
            I suddenly laughed a nervous gesture. “Do you happen to have any scissors?”
            He smiled and joked, “Aren’t planning on giving up, are you?”
            “No, just want to cut my hair.”
            His eyes darkened as he crossed the distance between us and wrapped his arms around my waist. “Now why would you do something like that when your hair is so gorgeous?”
            I blushed all the way up to my ears. Even after all we’d been through, he still did that to me. “What’s in the bag?”
            We switched cars and license plates so often; I was starting to feel like we were in an action flick. Tate had gone out alone to get some supplies, which always drove me crazy with worry.
            “Ah,” he flashed his straight white teeth. When he transformed into a wolf, his teeth became sharp and even whiter. “Food, clothes, surprise…”
            I narrowed my eyes. “What kind of surprise?”
            Going over to the bed, he picked through the multiple grocery bags before tossing me one. The first thing I saw was a box of cookies, which I eagerly tore open like a ravenous animal and bit into. The second was a pair of swim trunks, bright blue.
            When I looked at him, mouth full of cookie, he held up another pair of swim trunks. Nodding his head towards the pool, he asked softly, “Want to go?”
            I swallowed, “It’s practically midnight.”
            “Motels don’t have curfews for that sort of thing. And even if they do, I didn’t see a sign anywhere.”
            Tate was giving me the most bemused expression so I had to ask. “What on Earth is so funny?”
            “You. Even after everything, you’re still one to follow rules.”
            I blanched and pulled down my pants so I could change into the swim trunks. “I was going to be a psychologist.”
            “You still could,” Tate whispered, eyeing my brief nakedness with a look of raw hunger in his eyes.
            “If I can ever remember what I was studying,” I admitted, tying the string securely around my hips.

Ana Raine

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Paranormal Wednesday Post

Go to Peyton's Blog to see the other authors participating

Clock Strikes (Neko 1)


Collin is a Neko, a human cat hybrid, who has never had the chance to leave Aloria Island. The only way a Neko is ever allowed to go to the human world is if they become a pet to a demon. Collin has been in love with Adrian, the Prince of the Demons, for years, but Adrian doesn't even seem to notice he exists, so when Porter, Prince Adrian's cousin, asks Collin if he would like to be his pet for the Annual Reaping of Souls Ball, Collin jumps at the chance.
Prince Adrian has secretly lusted after Collin for years, but a demon and a Neko becoming lovers is not only unheard of, such a relationship is banned. With a rebel army threatening to overthrow Prince Adrian and the royal council, Collin has to choose sides. But neither choice guarantees him a place next to Prince Adrian's side.

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His blue-black hair would feel like silk against my skin. He would sit in front of me, his back perfectly straight, because princes don't slouch. His hands, cool and big, would touch the sides of my face, pulling me closer so I could give him pleasure. And heaven knows I wanted to give him all the pleasure my Neko body could handle.
His hands would travel down his flat, tight abdomen to his pants. He would loosen his clothing and reveal his large, erect cock. I would lean forward and swallow him down my throat, hoping to hear his gasp of erotic pleasure.
My own body would be ready for him when he'd had enough of my mouth. I would look at him through my long dark lashes and the curtain of my blonde hair and give him my sweetest smile. The one I'd been practicing just for him. And I would finally say...
I blinked, the sunlight glaring down into my eyes. I felt the soft grass mixed with flowers underneath my bare arms. I could feel my face flush, and I wanted to hide, but instead I looked up at the person who had called my name.
Rolland, my older brother by four years, was staring down at me. He was frowning, but I could see he wanted to laugh. His hair, blonde like mine, fell just above his chin and he reached up to tug on a strand sticking to his brown, fur-covered cat's ear. "You were dreaming again."
"I'm a Neko. I sleep fourteen hours a day," I said simply, sitting up so I could better hide my erection.
Rolland plopped down next to me and wrapped his arms around his knees. "Who do you dream about?"
Although Rolland was only twenty-nine, he was one of the oldest Nekos still living on Aloria. Unable to take the confinements of our beautiful prison, most Nekos had already settled for a demon master and left for the human world.
"No one," I murmured. At least... no one I would ever have.
"Hmm. Doesn't look like no one." He pointed at the tent in my pants.
I blushed and punched him in the arm. "Hey, shut up."
He held his hands up in defense and lowered his voice. "No one stays here forever, Collin. Eventually, all of us will choose to go to the Neko kingdom forever, or become a pet to a demon. You should tell that special girl you love her while there is still time."
"I don't like girls, Rolland."
He looked embarrassed. "Oh, yeah, right."
I was silent. There was no way I could tell him who I wanted. He would think I'd gone crazy and then he would probably feel bad for me. "What do pets do, anyway?"
Rolland looked at me. "Why do you want to know?"
I had to be careful. "Just curious."
"Whatever their master wants."
"Is that why you're still here?"
"Me?" Rolland ruffled my hair, and then pinched my cat ear before standing up. "I'm not going anywhere until you do."
He was going to be waiting a while. I took his waiting hand and then followed him down the dirt path back home. We lived on an island surrounded by a sort of energy field that prevented humans from detecting us. I'd heard the kinder demons who came to Aloria frequently say that it was in our best interest humans not find us.
Sure, I knew it was a strange concept for humans to imagine half cat, half human hybrids, but I was living proof we existed.
The real reason for our invisible wall of protection, the one whispered amongst the bolder Nekos, was that the demons would never let us go. They had conquered us some four hundred years ago, and clearly we weren't fighting anymore.
The futility of it all just made me want to chuck myself into the ocean. I wondered how long I could swim before making it to the force field. And then what would happen?
Maybe the energy field was all just a lie.
Our cottages were tailored to each family so after our parents and our sister left, Rolland and I had lived alone. Neither one of us had children or a Neko mate, so our house would probably be given to another, larger family if we chose to go to the Neko kingdom, which was really just another island without any hope of escape.
I pushed open our door and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Sometimes, I wanted to go to join the rest of our family on the Neko homeland, but I couldn't leave the dark-haired prince from my dreams...