Monday, May 11, 2015

New Neko Book Coming Soon !

Crossing Fate (Neko 3) by Ana Raine

Rolland and Porter have been lovers for years, even though relationships between Nekos and demons are forbidden. But despite Porter's numerous attempts to take Rolland away from the Neko Island and make him into a pet, Rolland refuses on the grounds their secret would be discovered.
When Lance, a demon rebelling against the Royal Council, comes to Neko island in search of pets, Rolland volunteers. But Lance is not as ignorant as he pretends. He knows Rolland is actually a hybrid demon/Neko. Lance offers Rolland the chance to join him as an equal, but Rolland would have to divulge the identities of the other hybrids. Is his freedom worth betraying Porter and the secret he vowed to keep?

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R Excerpt:
"Rolland, where is your mind?" Porter, Prince Adrian's cousin, had the same dark hair sweeping down across his forehead and radiant purple eyes. He moistened his lips, the action sending my thoughts to spiral into every pleasurable thing he could do to me with his mouth.
All the things I could do to him...
"I'm sorry," I told him. In this place, where we were alone, I didn't need to address him as Porter-sama. When we'd first become lovers, I'd used his honorific and the look of sadness that crept into his eyes was forever imprinted on my mind.
"Are you okay?" he asked softly, touching the corner of my eye with the tip of his slender finger. I'd been lying beside him in our secret spot on the outskirts of the Neko Island.
There were many abandoned cottages here, because when other Nekos left, there was no one to take their place.
The bed creaked beneath us as Porter readjusted himself so he was propped on his elbows beside me. Dipping his head down, he brushed his hair over my chest and pressed kisses to my collarbone. "We don't have to if you aren't... in the mood."
"Are you kidding me?" I scoffed, moving the blanket so he could see my erection tenting my boxers. "It's hard for you to come here as often as we'd like. Of course I want to."
He narrowed his eyes and even before he opened his mouth, I knew what he was going to say.
"You know, if you came back with me, we could have sex every single night and morning and day."
I laughed. "So basically, we'd never leave your room."
He nodded enthusiastically as he pressed two fingers against my mouth. Willingly, I parted my lips so he could stick them inside, and I sucked them greedily, coating his digits with my saliva. The lustful expression Porter showed me was beyond sexy. He was easily the most gorgeous male I'd ever met, right along with his cousin who shared his slender but muscular frame. Porter was only wearing briefs, so I could see his long pale legs stretched out across the bed.
I wanted desperately to please him. Even if he didn't touch me, I wanted to see his satisfied expression more than anything. I ran my hand over his chest, following the scant line of hair to his flat stomach and slender hips. My breathing hitched as he pushed his fingers deeper into my mouth.
My plain brown tail thumped against the bed embarrassingly, but Porter pressed his nose to my neck and inhaled, his fingers withdrawing from the warm confines of my mouth.
He tugged on one of my brown cat ears, but I liked the sensation so much, my back curled in an attempt to get him to touch me more.
"I don't think I can wait any longer to take you," he admitted huskily as he raised his head from my chest so I could see the fire burning in his purple eyes.
I swallowed nervously. Despite being his lover for so long, Porter was undeniably attractive and powerful, the cousin of the Prince and therefore royalty himself. Yet, instead of being with a demon or another more handsome Neko, he was with me.
"Whatever you want, I'll give you," I told him. "You know that."
His smile was dark as he nodded once, his hair cascading over his face. "I know, Rolland. I never get tired of wanting you. When I am away from you, there is an undeniable pain I can't chase away. Please say you'll come back with me this time."
In my heart, I knew Porter would never choose to love another, but our love was secret. As far as anyone knew, Porter and I didn't even know each other on a first name basis. Going back with him could jeopardize everything, including the lives of Porter and Collin.
"Ask me after," I pleaded, "Please, I want you inside of me so much I can't think."

Ana raine