Saturday, February 23, 2013

FF A Wet Kitten

Flash Fiction Time!

What if you got left behind after your event got cancelled due to the rain?

Yuki was having a hard time believing this. He’d gone to al the trouble of brushing his sleek hair and even fluffing his dark cat ears and tail. He looked so cute, his current master assured him of that. And the picnic was cancelled, due to the rain that made Yuki run to the bathroom in order to get out of it.
            Master would leave; he didn’t like to wait.
            “Well, aren’t you a drowned little kitten?” a soft voice that Yuki realized belonged to Asami. He was a tall well-defined man with dark hair and pale skin; his hands looked so strong that Yuki shivered with delight and not the rain. Yuki had had a hard time not staring at him earlier.
            “Lost my ride,” Yuki said. The water dripped down his collarbone and soaked his light t-shirt. He saw that Asami had put his hands in his pocket and was staring. Asami licked his lips.
            “I have blankets in my car,” Asami offered, “but I can’t guarantee I’m going to use them to warm you up.”
            “What were you thinking?” Yuki suddenly felt like he was on fire. His tail swishing excitedly behind him and bouncing against his knees.
            “More like propping your knees up and taking you on your back…”

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