Saturday, February 2, 2013

Candy Shop Flash Fiction

Hey Everyone. So this is a flash fiction I wrote a few weeks ago. The idea was to write something where someone sweet comes into a store at closing time. :)

            Aaron couldn’t help but stare at the very distinguished looking man in the corner of the store, staring at their newest selections of artistic delectable treats.
            “Do you like that shade of blue, sir?” Aaron asked timidly, wondering why, all of his customers throughout the day, this young man made him feel weak.
            “Yes, it’s called Cerulean. It looks much more vibrant on the page…or model. How do they work?”
            “You simply paint on someone and as the color sinks into their skin, they becoming wanting.”
            The young man raised his eyebrow. “I thought they were edible?”
            Aaron shivered, “They are, they are. When the female or male wants you, then you can taste the paint on their skin.”
            “An aphrodisiac.” The man licked his lips and looked at the other colors. “What does this one taste like?”
            “Cotton candy.”
            “A bit sweet for my taste.”
            Aaron could believe that. “This red one is strawberry.” It was his favorite.
            “How do I know that it works?”
            “I haven’t taken my break yet today,” He offered hopefully.
            The man smiled, “What color do you like?”

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