Monday, April 29, 2013

Pretty Boy 2: Pride Yummy X-cerpt

Kai Masami had never been so excited, which was embarrassing and pleasurable at the same time. The feel of the new Ampallang barbell attached to the tip of his cock was excitement enough. But seeing a white envelope face up on the table so the sender was obvious was too much for him. He thought he was going to pass out.
In order to distract himself long enough to wait for Jaden so they could open the envelope together, Kai decided to use his private shower. He wallowed in the aftermath of the fight he'd just won. He could still hear the fans screaming their lungs out. It would have been better manners to stay out there, smiling boldly and waving at those who had come to cheer him on, but Kai was too focused. Only his master would sate him, his strong, dominant Liam...

Just the thought of the much taller man with gleaming blonde hair standing over him while the hardwood of their apartment dug into his knees made Kai's dick twitch painfully. His codpiece, which was typical of all UFC fighters, lay on the small table beside his phone. It was strangely fitting the cod piece's strings were strewn over the phone, as if the object was acting out Kai's desires for his master.

* * *

"I don't like seeing other people's names on your phone," Liam had mentioned a few months ago. Kai had just gotten out of the shower and Liam had insisted on brushing his hair with stiff, sure strokes that left Kai's spine tingling.

"Are you jealous?" Kai had blushed.

Kai could not stop blushing, which was characteristic of his Japanese heritage. It was embarrassing to be doted upon. When Liam was not making Kai scream beneath him, he was so tender, Kai thought he would suffocate in the sheets in order to hide his flushed expression.

"I don't like it, Kai," Liam said again. He took possession of Kai's hair, angling his head back so Kai had no choice but to stare at his master. There was a hint of testing in Liam's eyes, "I'm not hurting you?"

"No, Master." Kai sighed, nuzzling his cheek against Liam's muscular chest. It was a silent reminder that although he was being commanded, he was enjoying the dominance. "What would you like me to do? Delete them?"

"That makes me sound abusive," Liam mused.

Kai didn't think so. The control Liam had over Kai was more intense than when Liam was acting as Kai's Master. "I suggested it, Master."

Liam flicked his long tongue against his perfectly white teeth. Against his creamy complexion and set jaw, everything about his face was perfect. Kai always wondered why such a handsome man would desire him. He exhaled slowly, turning as much as his long hair would allow so he could kiss the Liam's chest.

Liam put his foot up on the chair, his toes against Kai's crotch. Trying to lower his head and finding the action impossible, Kai settled for closing his eyes.

Liam chuckled. "Come now, don't be shy, my pretty boy. Your body wants me. Why don't you just admit you do too?"

Kai nodded in absolute submission. Of course he did. He always wanted Liam. Had wanted him for years.

"I want you to call me every time you have to talk to someone else," Liam said suddenly, releasing Kai's hair so his head bobbed once and then rested on Liam's leg. "I always want my name to be at the top of the recent call list, got it?"

"Yes, Master."

* * *

Remembering the look of raw need in Liam's eyes, Kai let his hand wander down the lines of his toned stomach as he found his aroused member. He was throbbing with need. Leaning his head against the cool tile of the shower, he exhaled slowly and made sure each diamond ball was still there.

He wasn't allowed to touch himself unless Master commanded it. Thinking of the use he desired from Master made his cock grow even hungrier. Slipping his hand away, he turned the water off and rubbed at the rest of his face so his cheeks weren't the only body part flushed and surging with blood.

"You still in the shower, Kai?" Kai heard the door shut behind the voice of his manager, Jaden. Somehow, Jaden had gotten even rounder in the last few months, despite Kai's more frequent training sessions.

"Just about done," Kai wrapped the towel around his waist securely. He didn't want Jaden to catch a glimpse of the beautiful jewelry adorning his cock.

"Close fight, Kai," Jaden chided gently. His eyes crossed over to the envelope and before Kai could tear his parched lips from his water bottle, Jaden was tearing at the envelope. "How the hell did you not open this?" he waved it in front of Kai, "Isn't this what you've been waiting for?"

It was... or had been before Kai had found Liam. "What does it say?

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