Saturday, April 6, 2013

Little Death FF

Alien or Grim Reaper???

Jared was sure that this was not how he imagined waking up. Sprawled over his bed, wearing what looked like a homemade alien costume with too much jelly, was an alien. The alien’s mouth was open, revealing a long, thick tongue that was still attached to Jared’s inner thigh. Jared couldn’t contain the want as he stared at his erect member, dripping with green alien saliva.
            He hated to admit it, but after not getting any for so long, the alien had been pretty damn good at pleasuring him.
            “I can do that better,” a deep voice stated as a tall, man with trimmed black facial hair and short black hair stepped away from Jared’s closet door. From the dark figure’s hand dripped green ooze, the heart of the alien.
            “Do what better?”
            The figure was shrouded in a tight black robe. But even with the hood covering the figure’s face, Jared could still see the bright red, jagged teeth smile as the figure said, “I can give you the strongest “little deaths” than any other being alive.”

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