Monday, April 29, 2013

Not a Bunny FF

Cute flash fiction with my 2 favorite characters :)

“Why, oh, why are you dressed as a bunny?” Embry asked Mason, a small smile flitting across his plump lips.
            Mason tweaked his ears slightly. “Rabbit, Embry, I’m a rabbit. Remember?”
            “Ah yes, because bunnies are too cute, right?”
            “Precisely,” Mason went back to his bow, continuing to carve designs into it.
            “And rabbits are scary.”
            “No, Em, they are manly. We talked about this.” Setting down the perfectly carved wooden bow, Mason grasped a dark liquid. Dipping a clean cloth into it, he began to spread the liquid on to the tips of his arrows.
            “Ah yes, I remember.” Embry leaned back against the bed behind where he was sitting. “You’re too cute to wear a mask.”
            Mason slid the dark mask over his mouth and then zipped up his black coat. His voice was muffled through the cloth. “Ninjas aren’t cute.”
            Embry laughed, looking at the unopened cigarette pack. “What are you going to do? Kill people with tabbaco usage?”
            Mason gave Embry a look. “No, it’s a ruse.”
            “Whatever you say, rabbit.” Embry touched the side of his neck. “Just one last question, love.”
            “What, Em?” Even while standing to his full height, Mason was much shorter and more slender than his lover.
            “How are you going to drink from me when you’re thirsty?”
            Mason’s eyes lit up, “When I want you to take me, you’ll know.”
            “I get it, baby,” Embry said. “You’re the master rabbit, and I’m your bunny.”

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