Friday, May 26, 2017

Hump Day Humps

Twisted by Ana Raine!

Touching gently through their pants, I altered my gaze from Max to Bentley, both lost in the pleasure. I was sure I wasn’t giving them half as much as they had given me, but neither complained. The only expression on their faces was that of bliss.
            But I didn’t think it was enough.
            In a matter of three days, I had been given more intense, romantic orgasms than I had ever experienced before. Just because they’d never ask, doesn’t mean I wasn’t willing to give.
            “No,” Max and Bentley cried in unison as I released them and slid from the couch.
            “I’m not going anywhere,” I mumbled, positioning myself more comfortably on the floor. The carpet was plush and felt good against my knees. My fingers trembled as I sought the courage to do what I really wanted.
            First, I worked on Bentley’s zipper, pulling it down just enough for me to reach inside of his pants and retrieve his cock. The tanned, hard flesh was heavy in my hands and made my mouth water. Then I pulled at the string of Max’s shorts until they gave way, his dick hard and pale and proud.
            I expected they would look at each other, even if only for a moment, but their eyes never strayed from me.
            Finally, outgoing Bentley gathered the nerve to ask. “What are you doing, Pip?”
            “Sucking you off,” I told him, pressing a kiss to the tip of his cock. His shirt had ridden up so I could see the way his stomach dipped in at the abrupt movement. “Don’t know if I’m any good at it though.”
            “You don’t have to,” Max started as I took his cock in my hands and experimentally licked the head. “Oh fuck…”
            “I want to.” If my mouth was focused on one, I made sure my hand was working the other. “Unless you guys feel weird about me doing it to both of you.”
            As if remembering the other was there, a look of hostility crossed their faces. But then I took Bentley halfway down my throat and he moaned loudly, his hand reaching for my hair. “Seriously, I don’t give a damn. Just keep your mouth on me.”
            I bobbed up and down a few times before moving to Max. He had his mouth open and his breathing came fast. I watched his pupils dilate as expectation overtook him. When he started to pant, I took him into my mouth.
            “Pip,” Max groaned, “I don’t care either. Do whatever you want. You can decide later.”
            By decide, I knew he meant which one of them I wanted to be with. The fact I could have both crossed my mind for the briefest of seconds, but before it could solidify, was gone.
            What I’d give to have my two closest friends be my lovers. But the way they seemed to hate each other suggested they would never come to love one another the way I yearned for them.
            “Pip,” Bentley groaned as he bit his lower lip. I wasn’t sure if he’d grown impatient without my mouth or if the pleasure from my hand had driven my name from his lips.
Closing his eyes, he hummed as I licked the prominent vein running along his shaft before darting my tongue into his slit.
“Please tell me you don’t do this all the time,” Bentley begged.
“Of course he doesn’t,” Max defended as he slipped his hand under my chin and guided me back to his glistening cock. “He’s a virgin.”
“What?” Bentley’s shout was almost indistinct as I tightened my hand around his shaft and stroked with increased fervor.
“What did you expect?” Max threw back.            
“Pip, give me your virginity,” Bentley pleaded, fingers tugging at my red strands. “Please, baby. Choose me.”
“No way,” Max’s hand was strong along my jaw. “He’s mine. Pip, love, choose me.”
            The serene moment had been shattered and I was pretty sure we were never going to get it back. “Guys,” I stressed, pulling away from both of them before my neck snapped. “You’re hurting me. I’m trying really hard to make you both feel good…just be patient.”
            “I’m sorry, baby,” Max released his hold on my jaw as he settled for stroking my cheek instead.
            Bentley’s fingers slipped from my hair and he put his hands behind his back. “Please, Pip, continue.”
Alternating between the two wasn’t working, so I settled for securing my mouth around Max’s cock and stroked Bentley’s heavy cock with my hand. I waited for them to argue, but if their moans were any indicator, they were lost in pleasure.
Max’s legs tightened and he let out a low groan as I felt cock grow harder in my mouth. Increasing suction, I focused on the tip, alternating between sucking and using my tongue. Max seemed to like my focus rather than how fast I was taking him, so I used that knowledge to draw out his orgasm.
It was only another moment before he was panting on the couch, his hands trembling on his lap as he threw back his head and moaned loudly. My name along with several praises left his lips as I felt the hot sprays of his cum hit the back of my throat. Swallowing, I made sure he was done before instantly taking him into my hand and moving over to Bentley.
I hesitated.
Did Bentley really want me to take him into his mouth now I had had Max’s cum in my mouth?
I looked up at him in question, but his hand was urgent on the back of my neck and I realized he could’ve cared less.
“Pip, just do it, baby.”
            I leaned forward and swirled my tongue around the tip of his engorged cock. He moaned softly, but there was a frustration as well. Realizing he needed something different, I increased my speed and took him as far into my throat. He started bucking his hips, meeting my movements with his own until I could hear the strain in his voice.
            “Close, baby. Take it all. Yea, just like that.”
            Unlike serene, calm Max who was basking in the afterglows of his orgasm, Bentley was engaged. He was commanding and dominant, enjoying the control he had over me.
            “Damn,” Bentley screamed, jerking forward so the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat.
            I swallowed eagerly, taking his load the same way I’d taken Max’s. I kept him within the warmth of my mouth until I was sure he’d ridden through his aftershocks. Pulling away, I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and stared up at them guiltily.
            Surely, now they could see how this would never work. I bet their gaze, alternating between Max and then Bentley until I was sure they saw my resolve. Max and Bentley had wanted to experiment with a guy and why not their best friend. But now it was over.

            Except….neither one moved away.

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