Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wednesday Hump Day

Kuro (Trick or Treat)


“Perfect,” a man’s voice purred.
Preston was sure he was still watching a Halloween movie about vampires, or at least dreaming about them.
Where Preston had placed the cat, a man now stood, naked apart from the blanket that had been draped over the back of Preston’s couch. He was very lean, but muscular and of an uncommon height. One hand held the blanket in place, covering the intruder’s cock, which still somehow managed to bulge out from beneath the fabric.
Preston’s gaze traced a line from the bulge up to well-defined abdominal muscles and pectorals dusted with a scant amount of dark curly hair. The man’s eyes were what had Preston stumbling farther away, gripping the kitchen counter for stability. He felt as though he was so hard he would shatter like glass if the naked, gorgeous man continued to stare at him like that.
“Hello.” The man’s voice was darker than the curly hair mopped on top of his head. Wet drips clung to the end of each strand, framing his angular face and giving him a raw look. “I’m Caleb.”
Preston was proud he was able to find his voice. “What are you doing in my apartment? What happened to the ca-”
There was a slight puddle of water around Caleb’s feet, and he smiled wickedly, reaching behind him and pulling around a dark cat tail. He swung it around as though the tail were a piece of rope. “Looking for this? I can have ears too, if that is what my mate would wish.”
“Your…” The counter Preston gripped to keep himself steady wasn’t strong enough. “Your mate?”
“Trust me,” Caleb purred, stalked forward, slowly releasing his grip on the blanket as he let his tail swish behind him.
The familiar scent of need penetrated the room. There was no fear, only embarrassment at how desperately he wanted the stranger in front of him.
“You’re perfect. So sweet… I had no idea my cat disguise would work so well. Pretending my leg was broken was the perfect way to get to you. On your arms, pressed against your beating heart, I could feel how badly you want to be claimed. The tip of my tongue wants to taste you.”
“You can transform into a cat?” Preston centered his attention on the tail that seemed to be eliciting the delectable feeling in his belly.
Caleb smiled seductively, licking his lip as he closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them, revealing large dark eyes with a purple center, there were alert, fluffy ears sticking out from beneath his curls. “Is there another form you would prefer? I only want to please you as desperately as you surely are going to please me.”
“Why?” Preston’s gaze trailed back down to Caleb’s swollen cock. “Why do you want me?”
“You’re my mate,” Caleb repeated. Preston watched Caleb’s bare feet pad over the kitchen’s tiles, making the effort of walking seem unnatural. When he walked, the water seemed to drain around from him and dry up into the air. “I have waited a long time to find a mate to bring back with me. Surely, you will not disappoint?”
Caleb’s hand was cold on Preston’s wrist, encircling him possessively before releasing his grip and settling for rubbing a thumb around the sensitive skin. Bringing Preston’s hand up, Caleb opened his mouth to reveal a snake-like tongue. “Shall I taste you?” Caleb asked quietly, dropping to his knees.
Even from the floor, Caleb was still tall enough that his lips were only inches below Preston’s neglected nipples. Preston held his breath in an agonizing sense of passion while Caleb guided his hand to his mouth. Caleb inserted Preston’s index finger so far back that the third knuckle had almost completely disappeared into the moist darkness.
“Your skin is heavenly. I do not deserve such a man.” Caleb peered up, his cattail swishing behind him like a pendulum. Preston’s knees almost gave out.
Gripping Preston firmly by his hips, Caleb pressed his mouth to the middle of Preston’s coat, kissing the button. “Shall I undress you?” Caleb had already lowered his head back down to the buttons before Preston had a chance to answer. Caleb’s hands were strong and offered no hope of escape, not that Preston wanted to.

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