Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Humps Day Humps

Chilled Champagne R excerpt by Ana Raine

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“Surely, you are too kind,” Micah said politely, feeling fidgety and uncomfortable. If Daniel continued to speak with those sweet, unreal words, he thought he would have to strip himself of his pants just to be able to breathe.
“Your face is flushed.” Daniel’s hand although firm, was surprisingly soft as he grazed the side of Micah’s face. “Striking,” he whispered. “Truly, but…”
“But…” Micah leaned into the touch, too far gone to stop himself. His hand settled on Daniel’s upper thigh, his fingers twitching in unison with his eyes, trying to find the best way to unclasp Daniel’s slacks.
With a sigh, Daniel leaned back, his hand traveling through Micah’s curly locks to the back of his head, holding him with a vice grip. His eyes were narrowed, his mouth parted in the slightest. “Your lips,” Daniel whispered. “I want them on me.”
Micah was shivering, his hands shaking as he brought them both to the clasp of Daniel’s pants. He needed to stop. He needed to pull away and find his resolve before he had Daniel’s cock inside his mouth. Micah’s hands seemed to have the same thought, Daniel’s button acting like an intricate puzzle.
“Let me,” Daniel said, an ache to his voice that made Micah’s cock twitch.
When the button was undone, Micah’s hands were instantly back on the fabric, tugging the zipper down.
Daniel lifted his lower body so Micah could pull his pants and boxers down. Sliding to his knees, Micah focused on Daniel’s very large and erect cock in front of his face. He licked his lips and teasingly licked the tip. “I don’t know how good I will be at this,” Micah whispered, giving a few wanton pumps along Daniel’s shaft.
Daniel didn’t speak, just made a puzzled expression as his hand continued to stay steady on the back of Micah’s head.
“I don’t usually… do this.”
“You don’t have to now, either.” Daniel pulled himself father away from Micah. “But I’d like you to. Need you to.”
Micah didn’t need any more coaxing. He opened his mouth and tried to take Daniel down the back of his throat. The head was bulbous, leaking inside of his mouth. The moan Daniel released[SM1]  told Micah he was doing a good job. Sucking harder, his own dick was straining against his pants. His stomach was pooling with heat and his legs were tense. He began to rock back and forth on his heels, his eyes closed.
“Touch yourself.” Daniel phrased the words as a question, but Micah heard more of a demand than anything else. Obeying, he undid his own clasp and tugged at his suit pants. Luckily, they were a size larger and he was able to fit his hand inside of his pants without unbuttoning them. His cheeks burned. Having Daniel see his own erect member, how needy and starved he was for attention would have been too embarrassing.
Fisting his cock, Micah let out a soft moan around Daniel’s dick, increasing suction until Daniel was raising his hips, trying to get deeper. “Fuck, that’s good,” Daniel murmured, his fingers tightening around Micah’s hair. “I want to cum in your mouth.”
Micah had no choice but to swallow because letting even a drop of this hot man’s cum go to waste was unthinkable. He wanted to suck until there was nothing left. His own release was close; he could feel his feet tingling and the back of his neck heating.
Taking his cock out of his pants, Micah continued to pump his own shaft, hovering on his knees so he was hunched over, servicing Daniel.
“You close too?” Daniel inquired in his strong, sure voice. There was a sense of strain in the background, Daniel’s whimper of defeat. Micah’s chest felt light and a strong urge to orgasm immediately approached.

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