Thursday, May 16, 2013

Orange Creamsicle FF

I wish it would get hotter already, so I can enjoy way more ice cream. How about you? Anyway, we'll just pretend it's really hot in Michigan and get to the Flash Fiction.

Nate slid the orange cream popsicle into his mouth, holding onto the stick firmly and pushing the ice cream far back into his throat before slowly withdrawing the treat. Licking the tip, he ran his tongue down the side before daring to try and swallow it again.
            He stared out the window, but his cheeks were enflamed; he knew he was being stared at.
            Paxton touched his shoulder from the back seat, “Nate, honey, God…”
            Another hand slid up his thigh from the driver’s seat and Fin chimed in, “Not a change, Paxton. I get to claim his mouth first.”
            “I hope you don’t think this competition will remain…friendly,” Paxton murmured, as there was a shuffle behind Nate and a hand slid down his chest to lightly thumb his nipple through his shirt.
            In response, Fin moved his hand to Nate’s growing erection, cupping him. “Oh, I know there is no competition. I’ll be the first.”
            Nate shivered in anticipation, but Fin reached for the heater as Paxton began to dig for a blanket. He chuckled, “The ice cream, I love the way it melts in my throat.”
            He didn’t need to look at his two best friends to know they had lustful eyes.

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