Saturday, May 25, 2013

Aon and the Dragon FF

Aon felt the heavy bow over his arm, the arrow weighing his hand down. He was sure there were deer, but unlike every time he hunted, they evaded him. Moving slowly, crouching through the underbrush, he made his way to a whistling creek. He didn’t notice the jade-crusted egg until after he’d taken a sip of water.
            With a flutter and split of the shell, the egg burst into pieces, hovering in a strange circle above the creature fumbling for movement inside of the egg. Heavy wings beat above Aon, causing a rift of leaves and showers of water. Staring at Aon with large purple eyes outlined in black and large jeweled wings jutting from masculine shoulder blades was a gorgeous being.
            “I’m half dragon, half human,” the dragon’s mouth didn’t move but the words ached in Aon’s head and groin. “You’ve found my brother. And our secret.”
            The baby dragon swayed against the breeze, crying out.
            With a defined, definite voice, the half dragon half man tugged on the back of Aon’s hair so he had no choice but to look up, “You belong to me now.”

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