Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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White Stag (Reindeer Games)
by Ana Raine


Four years ago geneticist Jayce Harper lost the love of his life. Now every Christmas Jayce returns to his cabin in the woods to celebrate Christmas. Alone. Every year he sets an extra place at the table and bakes a full Christmas dinner, including peppermint cookies, knowing those cookies are the one scent his lost lever can never resist.
Four years ago Crane found out who, and what, he was, without understanding why. Thinking his lover had betrayed him, Crane shifted to reindeer form and took off running. He's been running loose in the forest around the lake as a reindeer for the last four years, almost forgetting he's ever been anything else. Now he's been gone so long, he has no clue how to get back.
When the scent of peppermint reaches his nose, Crane suddenly knows he has to remember, or lose it all, forever. When he finds Jayce, the author of the scents that have lured him back, he has to decide if he wants a past he can barely remember, or what he's found in the woods. Whoever he was, whatever they had, Crane knows the scent of his lover may be his last chance to remember.
If the hunters don't find him first...

Ana Raine
Blog: anarainebooks.blogspot.com
Twitter: @authorAnaRaine

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