Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Release

Answer is Near (Neko 2) releases today :)

Answer is Near (Neko 2) by Ana Raine


For a lonely Neko, Chicago is as strange and unbelievable as the fantasy realms of his childhood.
Despite the alien environment, Collin is as much in love with his demon master, Prince Adrian as ever. But the growing threat from the rebel demons who want to overthrow the aristocracy and destroy the human world still hangs over their heads, and Collin fears the rebels hold the key to the disappearance of his missing brother, Rolland.
When Izumi, a new Neko pet, comes to Chicago, he and Collin become fast friends. Can Collin trust Izumi to help him find Rolland, or does Izumi have his own agenda?

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R Excerpt:

“I would do anything for you.”
His hands tightened urgently in my hair and his voice was husky. “I know you would.”
I licked my lips suggestively and fumbled to unclasp the button on his pants and pull his zipper down. He inhaled sharply but didn't make a move to stop me. I reached into his boxers and held his thick, hardened length in my hand. I began to pump up and down his thick shaft before taking the tip into my mouth. Experimentally, I sucked on the tip before taking him half way down my throat. I created suction with my cheeks and bobbed my head up and down while he made soft murmuring noises that made my own dick harden with anticipation.
I longed for him to be inside of me. I wanted him to pull me up and have me straddle his thick cock or to bend me over his deck and fill me completely until I wasn’t even able to think. But he knew how much I loved being with him and he wouldn't give it to me so easily. He liked to make me beg and cry and even though I already felt at my limit, I loved the way he took his time with me.
“You’re so hard,” Adrian commented, indicating the bulge in my pants. “My poor neko. You must want some relief.”
I nodded and lowered my mouth over his cock, continuing my up and down motions. His fingers were tight in my hair, keeping me exactly where he wanted me.
“I brought one of your toys,” Adrian told me, pointing to the box on the top of the desk that hadn’t been there before he’d entered the room.
“What?” I asked curiously as I pulled away from his cock reluctantly. I loved the taste of him and the way he would jerk in my mouth when I applied pressure to the underside of his shaft. He was a powerful demon prince and I was his pet, but I was the only who saw him like this.
Without answering, Adrian reached over me and unclasped the lip of the box and then I saw he was holding my deep purple butt plug. I couldn’t help but whimper.
“I love when you make that noise,” he said, as he curled his finger upward. I stood up obediently and let him turn me around so I was bent over the desk. I felt his hands on my waistband, pulling my pants and briefs off, while being careful to not pull on my tail. I sighed as I heard the cap of the lubricant being opened and then his finger was at my entrance.
“I won’t give this to you so easily,” he informed me.

Ana Raine

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