Sunday, August 25, 2013

Flash Fiction Challenge

Challenge: You are in a library and need help from the sexy librarian...

            Being a Master’s student, certainly meant research and Eli definitely knew that. But doing a thirty to forty page research paper about…homelessness amongst youth was not a subject he knew well. After being raised by a wealthy couple who had adopted him, Eli knew next to nothing about homelessness.
             Which meant his dark curly hair was going to be half gone by the end of the paper because of his stress.
            “Excuse me,” a dark haired young man with blue glasses and freckles high on his cheeks stopped at the table, resting his arm on the stack of books. “You look like you could use some help?”
            Eli half knocked down the books next to him to make room for the mysterious young man to sit, if he wanted to. Clinging to a pen to desperately his knuckles ached, Eli tried to think of a question. Any question to get the young man to stay.
            “What do-um-social work?” Eli hated himself. Why couldn’t he form even the simplest sentences around beautiful men?
            “I’m the librarian assistant for social work,” the young man said softly.
            Eli couldn't believe his luck. 

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