Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hump Day Humps

Mookyul by
Ana Raine

For Mookyul, an orphan living on the streets of Daegu, South Korea, street fighting is a way of life. But when he saves a beautiful young Korean man, Sae-Min, from a group of bullies, Mookyul attracts unwanted attention. The leader of the Korean Kkangpae mafia offers to absolve all of Mookyul's debt as well as giving him the chance to become a professional fighter -- but every offer from the Kkangpae has a price.

Is the chance at a life with Sae-Min worth the cost the Kkangpae will extract if Mookyul accepts their offer?


“My… Kumiho,” Mookyul moaned as his dick rubbed against Sae-Min’s ass. Even though their pants separated their skin, the touch was indescribable.

“That’s right, I want you to beg for me.”

Mookyul was still in shock. He found his voice was dry. “Please, release me. I want to touch you.”

“I’ve wanted you since I saw you,” Sae-Min said, ignoring Mookyul’s desperate plea. “I want to make you mine."

“I would’ve run to you,” Mookyul admitted. He was glad his face was pressed into the crook of Sae-Min’s shoulder so his shame wouldn’t be visible. He released another moan as Sae-Min completely lowered himself over Mookyul’s cock and began to hump him. The friction made Mookyul’s legs tighten. He wanted to feel Sae-Min’s heat. “I want you, so fucking desperately.”

Sae-Min cleared his throat and Mookyul saw that he was going to speak but quickly added “My Kumiho.”

The smile that Sae-Min produced made Mookyul quiver.

“I don’t need a weakling,” Sae-Min stated, standing up. Mookyul whimpered at the loss of contact and was going to try to remove the cords, but realized that wouldn’t be right. The want to please was so strong, making everything else Mookyul wanted secondary.

“I need a strong man. One who can do everything I want him to do.” Sae-Min winked as he slowly undid the buttons of his shirt and let it fall to the floor. His fingers then went to his pants and he undid the button and zipper. His pants easily slide down his well-formed legs.

Mookyul lost the ability to breathe at the sight of a naked Sae-Min. His dick was so hard that it looked swollen at the tip. “Let me serve you, Kumiho,” Mookyul begged. He could almost taste the sweet skin.

“What kind of fox would I be if I were not sly?” Sae-Min laughed, bending over the desk. He was small so when he reached to the other side and slid open a drawer, only his toes touched the floor.

Mookyul stared at the round ass and pink hole the position exposed. He thought he was going to burst.
Spreading lube over his fingers, Sae-Min leaned his head against the desk, just enough so Mookyul could see his fluttering eyes and parting lips. Mookyul almost screamed with desire as he inserted a finger inside of Sae-Min, adding another slowly.

The blush spreading over Mookyul’s Kumiho’s face was far too lovely. Suggestively, Sae-Min began to move his hips in a circular motion. Mookyul could only stare and pant with helplessness.

“Shall I let you touch me now?” Sae-Min moaned as he stood up and turned around to face Mookyul.

“My mouth…” Mookyul drooled, “Kumiho.”

“I love how you already know what I want.”

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