Saturday, June 15, 2013

Twisted Pen FF

“Where’s that thing?” Benji knew he wasn’t making sense. What made sense about talking to himself?
            His cluttered office wasn’t going to get clean any time soon, but he needed to find his pen. Placing a hand underneath a stack of folders, he pricked his hand and pulled back sharply. “Ouch.”
            A handsome man with Benji’s ballpoint pen in his mouth, pushed aside folders, papers, and stacks of garbage. “Looking for this?” the young man asked as he waved the pen around.
            Benji stared at the man that had sprawled out of the unidentified mess. “I need that. I have some important…” Benji stopped short when he saw the man was completely naked. He was already erect, smiling with an almost evil grin.
            “You’ll have to do something for me, then I’ll write everything for you.”
            “What do you mean?” Benji asked.
            The man’s eyes trailed down. “I mean, if I give your hand a break. I want something pleasurable.”
            There was no space on the floor for Benji to kneel, but he was too eager to waste time on technicalities. The pen was twirling in the young man’s hand near Benji’s head, obviously something he wanted repeated over his cock.

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